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Wood Heaters Wagga Wood Heaters Wagga and Canberra are RIVACTs specialty. From Wood Heater installations through to Servicing of Wood Heaters in Wagga and Wood Heaters in Canberra, Wayne Deaner has you covered. Need to know the best wood to...

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I have extensive experience installing various types of heaters in the past 15 years. The following photos are examples of some of my completed installations . Wood Heater Installations Flue Configurations  ...

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Wayne Deaner installed my wood heater in Wagga / Oura over 2 years ago. It has been nothing but perfect since the install. At the time of the wood heater installation, I asked the builders to install a heat transfer unit to carry the heat to the other end of the house. Unfortunately I instructed them to place the vent at the end of the hallway. The bedrooms never actually got warm. Two years later I rang Wayne, he came around and straight away told me what was wrong and how to fix it. Wayne installed ducts into all the rooms along with a thermostat. I am sitting in my room and it is working brilliantly. The quality of work was also outstanding. I would highly recommend Wayne for any wood heater installations, servicing, heat transfer systems in Wagga Wagga.

Pete Swan OURA NSW


Wayne installed our wood heater competently and well. He worked hard and was very pleasant and helpful to deal with. He cleaned up thoroughly at the end of the job, even cleaning up the mess left by a another person who had cleaned out our chimney previously. At the end there was an issue with dimensions before the independent certifier could approve the installation. This was in no way Wayne’s, or the company’s, fault but resulted from inaccurate dimensions given on the heater brochure. The fix required about an inch (25 mm) to be cut off the bottom of the wooden mantelpiece. Wayne did that within a couple of hours of the problem being notified by the certifier. The mantelpiece now looks better than before! Again he cleaned up thoroughly at the end. We were very impressed and satisfied with Wayne’s work, and recommend him highly.

Mike and Janet ILCHEF Canberra